Frequently Asked Questions

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Corpowid works on ANY and ALL website platforms. We even offer platform-specific setup instructions.

Corpowid will absolutely work for you. The toolbar and remediation will function just the same as on any other website.

While Corpowid can achieve 100% compliance for some websites, there are limitations. Despite claims from our competitors, no overlay can guarantee 100% compliance for all websites today. Overlays have limitations in what they can provide, whether AI-driven or not. For example, overlays will not update PDF documents and won’t remediate third-party content in iframes. If you require 100% compliance, we offer auditing services. Please contact us for more information.

At no point does Corpowid store locally or pass through our servers any "fingerprint" data or details about your website visitors.

No, Corpowid's widget is optimized for minimal impact on site loading times.

Yes, Corpowid's Accessibility Web Widget automatically addresses and resolves changes made to the website.

The Corpowid Accessibility Web Widget is not compatible with subdomains. For example, if you have various subdomains like and, you'll need to purchase separate widget subscriptions for each one.